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Thailand Travel..!!

About Thailand

Thailand is one of the enjoyable and interesting venues for peoples to spend their family and honeymoon vacations. Most of the locations attract visitors to make their visits considerable in form of full entertainment package. Bangkok, floating market, Chiang Mai and the east Coast Island are one of the most attractive visiting sites for travelers. Most of the canal boats in floating market are used for selling vineyards and orchards which are great to view by visitor surprisingly. Similarly Chiang Mai is a spiritual city which makes a traveler to essential visit to see the calmness of this city. Many cooking schools, Thai restaurants, craft shops and many temples are favorite travelling places for passengers. In east Coast Island several cafes, bars and favorite full moon particle all over world are the main reason for seeing it.


As we know every country has its own culture which represents its religious value among all country. The culture of Thailand is unique from its own way in accordance to its structure, foods, festivals and accent. The culture of Thailand has its own cultural beliefs and its culture is influenced by mostly some of the country like china, India and along with the culture of Southeast Asian country. Most of the population relates to Buddhist and rest of the minorities belongs to Muslims and Christians. Most of the populations have its own spirit house and for the happiness of the spirit they offer food and drinks. In Thailand these spirit places are visible at local and public places. It is believed that if these sprits are not happy with having foods and drinks then that they would be inhabited. Thai folklore plays an important role in its culture. Various customs are resides in Thailand. One of the most different customs is Thai which shows greeting, farewell and acknowledgement. More important value of Thai people is to respect hierarchy. Thailand is popular among the countries for its rich culture, heritage and generosity.


Thailand is known one of the best tourism places so many categories of hotel with great class of facilities are available for travelers near to their desired visiting location. According to visitor's desired economical budget, different types of hotels are available with optimum facilities. At every beach location, beach resorts are also provided to peoples. Conard Bangkok, Casa de Flora and Indigo pearl is popular luxurious hotels in Thailand. The Conard Bangkok hotel is situated in the heart of Bangkok and first choice of travelers to book their accommodations, luxurious facilities like good quality of food, individually designed guest rooms with accessories like television and refrigerator and bed rooms with beautiful terrace. Peoples can enjoy this place in which bars and various parties goes on with soft music. It also has facility of swimming pool and different flavors of Asian country's food. Various resorts in Samui Beach village are a very good choice to feel the beauty of beautiful beaches.

Cities to Travel in Thailand

As everyone knows that Thailand is one of the finest tourist places for passengers due to various cities are available for travelling. One of the biggest reasons to its increasing number of tourists is its attractive places to visit. Some of the places are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin and Koh Samui which is famous for its own special reason in Thailand. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand which is situated in the bank of a river which named Chao Phraya. For its splendid facilities like good foods, Hotels and all categories of travelling resources, it is known as one of the famous cities at international level. It is called the heart of Thailand and travelers are happy to watch the communities of fashion, live music concerts and beautiful architectural and graphic arts. Safari world, dream land and trips on cruise are the major attraction of this city especially for children. Phuket is one of the visiting Islands for visitors in Thailand. It is like a small town which has several beautiful beaches, a traveler can enjoy in these beaches in pleasant seasons for example dry and wet. The third largest island of Thailand is Koh Samui which is located in the gulf of this country. There are regularly flights are available to Bangkok from here with several transportation facilities with discounts. Children mostly like this place because of affordable food like beverage and drinks. It also has watchable mountains and nice waterfalls that make more interesting moments for their trip. Hua Hin is also one of the most visiting resort towns famous for beaches among the travelers in northern Thailand.

Cities to Travel in Thailand

Malaysia is a multi-ethics country, which involved various kinds of people with different religions. In Malaysia the festivals are celebrated on the basis of National level or state level. National level festival means that the festival which is normally managed by the government or any private organizations. But the mean of state level festival is that the festivals are celebrated under the guidance of certain state in Malaysia. Various festivals are celebrated by the peoples in throughout the years. All festivals are celebrated with common concept which is (open house).In this concept each and everyone invite their relatives and friends and offer the luxurious food in front of then. The first festival of Malaysia is Thaipusam, which is come in the beginning of the year. The preparation of this festival starts from the end of previous year. This is state level festival, so this festival is mainly celebrate in the state of Johar, Nageri etc. after this festival, the good Friday is more popular festival in the Malaysia. This festival is celebrated on 22nd April. In the last of the year the most popular festival celebrated which is Deepavali. This festival is a national festival in the Malaysia, because this festival is celebrated by entire country. This is mainly Hindu festival but now a days, each kind of people celebrate this festival. In this festival, everyone invite their relatives at home for the lunch and dinner. They transfer sweets and gift between them. This festival became the national festival in most of the country of this world. In the last on 25th December Malaysia culture involved to celebrate Christmas festival. This festival is also celebrated by whole country. This is the last festival of the entire year. This festival mainly celebrated by the Christians in last couple of years, because this is main festival for them. But on the coming of this 21st century, this festival is celebrated by whole world.